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We are planning a series of one and two day workshops where you can come and find out about the skills used at Boston Lodge and have the opportunity to get involved in a specific project.

More information will be posted as soon as we have finished planning!

What do I need to know before I come?

Boston Lodge is a working engineering site with rails and uneven surfaces throughout, often muddy in places and this is combined with frequent vehicle and train movements. For safety reasons it is therefore only suitable for people who are fully mobile without assistance and who’s sight is sufficient for them to see dangers themselves. Please watch this safety briefing before booking as it will help you understand what the site is like. 

Unless specifically advertised all workshops and tours are for adults (16+).

We are hoping to film some of our tours and make them available on the website so those who cannot attend because the site is unsuitable for them will be able to find out more online.

Getting here

The workshop/tour will start at Boston Lodge. Parking is very limited here so if you can share a car please do.  For safety reasons please access from the Porthmadog direction. You must STOP at the un-barriered crossing and check for trains before entering the car park.

What to wear

Please wear warm clothes and bring a waterproof, the weather can be unpredictable.

If you have steel toe capped boots of your own please wear them.  If you do not then let us know and we will lend you a pair – but bring your own thick socks!

These workshops will include an opportunity to help out so if you have an overall/boiler suit that you don’t mind getting dirty/oily then do bring that but again if you don’t have one we can lend you one.  HiVis, gloves, glasses and safety hats will be provided as required.