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We can feel our history slipping through our fingers – we must act now to save that history“.

Paul Lewin, General Manager, Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways.

Through this ambitious and exciting project we will tell the story of the railway and so help thousands of visitors understand the area’s pioneering spirit and global impact and explain how the industry has shaped the landscape and community over 200 years.

The project will enable us to involve more people in the railway and help those people develop their skills. The project will also rescue historic buildings at Boston Lodge bringing them back into use as well as creating some new buildings.

The work at Boston Lodge will enable us to allow people to see behind the scenes, and get involved if they wish. It is hoped this will further invigorate the involvement of volunteers, in the oldest continuously operating railway engineering works in the world.


We are running a comprehensive selection of workshops with the opportunity for hands-on experience! – Click here to read more information.